"I was created to create."

Theodoros Nikolaidis - crazy, always smiling and always ready for risks. That's exactly what my art reflects and stands for. After completing my studies, I started to focus myself on my passion: THE ART. Within a few months I became a national and international successful artist, who has just one dream:

"Fill the life with colors. Be open minded for everything and a colorful future."

I already had my first experiences with art at a very young age. All I wanted to do is to create something new. Whenever I had some free time I took my sketchbook and stepped into my own creative world. My first big challenge which I gave myself, was to draw all the 151 pokemon. Today, whenever I start a new painting, I always have to think of how it all started and I always remember that Story. Whenever I’m drawing or painting, I am in my own world. I know exactly, there are no rules, no predefined structures.

“Everything is possible and everything is allowed.”

That is my credo, I’m always looking for.